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metallic couture Black Only 25x30x11 bxhxt Black Obc Backpack Grau Ca Women's brown beautiful Cm Launching a Software-Defined Storage strategy for Distributed Enterprises

Talon FAST™ software helps organizations to modernize their distributed storage. The solution allows enterprises to centralize and consolidate unstructured data into on-premise, hybrid or public cloud datacenters while caching 'active data' to offices globally.

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Managing and consolidating data is a tricky, time-consuming mess. More often than not trying to fix the problem just creates a bigger one. Before you know it you've got hundreds of TB's or even PB's of unstructured data just clogging up your servers and storage platforms. What if there was a way to only keep current, relevant data on-site, and keep the old files elsewhere, without sacrificing performance?

How to cut storage costs with Talon FAST™

Are you managing "Islands of Data" in your branch offices?

Are your users struggling with poor performance accessing their files?

Do you need to modernize storage by separating active from archive data?

Does the business require you to move your unstructured data workloads into hybrid or public cloud?

Tackle your Enterprise Data Storage Challenges

  Software solution that enables enterprises to centralize file storage into a “Single Set of Data”

  Centralizes your data into customer’s traditional or cloud (integrated) datacenter

  Eliminates complexity, storage, infrastructure and backups at the branch

  Delivers instant Enterprise Global File Sharing with Distributed File Locking

  Ensure a High performance experience at all geographically distributed locations

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Talon FAST™ Introduction
How the FAST™ Fabric Works

Centralize Unstructured Data

Cm Backpack brown beautiful metallic couture Ca 25x30x11 Only Black Obc bxhxt Black Grau Women's Create a single set of data, and then use FAST™ to extend your file-sharing infrastructure to all your remote sites and branch locations. Store your single data set on premises, in a hybrid cloud environment, or in a public cloud data center. FAST™ gives you maximum flexibility.

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Consolidate Distributed IT

FAST™ is a storage-agnostic solution that works with any SMB/CIFS infrastructure, so you can adapt your storage solutions as needs change. In almost any environment and alongside almost any storage solution, you can cut storage costs by as much as 70 percent.

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Streamline Distributed IT & Eliminate Branch Office Backups

Rely on a self-sustaining, self-managing cache, and completely eliminate local backups. Intelligent File Cache ensures only the active data your team members need is stored locally, and the cache is automatically purged over time.

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Launch a Cloud-First Strategy

Enjoy all the benefits of cloud—demand elasticity, financial control, and reduced physical infrastructure costs—while still delivering a file-sharing experience so good it will feel as though employees are working in the same room, no matter where they are in the world.

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The feedback from the locations has been fantastic, with users commenting that they feel like they are working on the LAN, which is exactly what we were aiming for.

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Managing Unstructured Data

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May 29, 2018

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To understand fog computing, basic knowledge of edge computing is required. Edge computing, or remote computing, is the current forefront of data analysis and s...
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