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About Company & Founder

Pink Lotus Events

Our founder & leading partner Meggha Baidyyaa was transpired by the enchanting charm of India’s national flower - Lotus. She wanted the brand ethos to resemble the serene beauty of Lotus which paved the way for our brand name ‘ Pink Lotus Events’.

Meggha brings out an interesting analogy combining the growth of Lotus and bringing life to spaces through decoration, both of which are dull initially and bloom to beauty later. She is an ardent believer that a dedicated event manager with his/her team can bring to life any kind of location with illustrious events.

Abiding by the age-old but wise principle of ‘ First Impression is the best impression’, her team makes sure decoration & setup strike a chord and encapsulate the audience in the first instance.

Our vision

Client First - Maintaining everlasting relationships with clients by exceeding their expectations.

Top-Notch Service - Be solution focussed & deliver impeccable services that resonate with the latest beauty trends.

Building a brand name - Take sufficient time & reach the pinnacle of the event management industry, especially in Jharkhand and our founder’s roots, Nepal.

About The Founder & Partner

Meggha Baidyyaa
Meggha was born & brought-up in Nepal but later moved to Mumbai to pursue her post-graduation and to realize her full potential.

Her vision to excel landed her at the best & leading event management institute in Asia, NIEM Mumbai.

She successfully completed her post-graduation in advertising, events & media.


At NIEM Mumbai, Meggha got ample exposure to opportunities to work for various events like weddings, corporate events, hospitality, artists management amongst many others. This practical exposure instilled a sense of knowledge and discipline in Meggha.

Post completion of PG, Meggha was lucky enough to showcase her skills as a talent producer for ‘Colors TV’ shows that included ‘Chak Dhoom Dhoom’, ‘Food Food Maha Challenge’, and others.

Meggha also had the privilege of working as a head wedding planner in one of the leading event companies.

Each passing day and event was a learning experience for Meggha. Hands-on experience in various events helped her getting to know her clients closely & relate to their expectations. All this from the perspective of an event manager.

Increased self-confidence, improved communication skills & deep client relationship management were just byproducts of Meggha’s fabulous journey in the event industry.

About The Partner

Sourav Jhunjhunwala
Sourav recently graduated from Calcutta University. Frankly, Sourav was never the studious kind and always wanted to explore his creative side.

As Sourav always used to manage & organize weddings, parties, etc for his friends & family, he realized where his true passion lied.

And when he was offered an opportunity to join ‘Lotus Pink Events’ as a partner, he humbly accepted the invitation and began his journey with us.

What led to the inception of Pink Lotus Events?

Being married in a small town of Jharkhand, Meggha felt the city lags big event companies and the culture of grand events. This most often resulted in stressful times for the host family to organize weddings & events in a pleasing way.

So, Meggha realized

The immediate need for a visionary event manager in her town.

She began her journey

Contributing as a freelancer for a few existing event teams in the vicinity.

Her impactful work gets appreciated

By friends, family & relatives who alongside realized how event management doesn’t need to be troublesome but a joyful occasion.

Meggha’s ideas, work & knowledge

Made her close ones suggest & later insist on starting her own event company to further enhance the beauty of events and allow the hosts to take a step back and enjoy the special day.

That’s exactly how ‘Lotus Pink Events’ was born.